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Terrain Builder – hands on approach:
Interactive VR application that enables user to shape landscape using hand gestures recognized by Leap Motion Controller. Oculus Rift is used for stereovision. Built with Unity.

Members: Kukić, Radosavljević

KinectCity: [link]
Interactive application that enables user to build a city where user controls objects using body gestures and voice commands recorded by the MS Kinect. It also features a 3D image that can be seen with polarized 3d vision glasses and extremely fun motorcycle-driving mode. Built with Unity.

Members: Lucic, Okanovic, Radivojsa, Mirovic

PGAA: [link]
Perfect geometry anti-aliasing is a technique for solving geometry and sub-pixel aliasing problems mathematically correct. Hardware implementation is considered. It is primarily targeted at the forward and forward+ rendering pipelines. We also propose an idea of how to fight against texture and shader aliasing.

Members: Okanovic

REYES: [link]
↳ (done) Creation of a CPU-GPU implementation of a renderer that is using REYES strategy.
↳ (WIP) Secondary goal is exploiting extreme parallelism and making entire renderer interactive.

Members: Okanovic

Motion recognition software for patients with motor impairments:
Implementation of software which recognizes special groups of movements that are important for motor impaired patients. The software integrates Kinect for smoothness and speed calculation amongst other relevant factors. It can be used for rehabilitation and diagnostics.

Members: Tamara Šekularac


UE4 game: [link]
Making of a 3D-platformer game in a post-apocalyptic setup.

Members: Lucic, Radivojsa, Mirovic

LiT: [link]
Multi-part research on a creation of a new, robust, light transport algorithm.

↳ (WIP) Research on light. Possibility of exploiting different interpretations of a light phenomena.
↳ Proposal of a new rendering algorithm.

↳ (WIP) Exploring the behavior of the IDF in raytracing.
↳ Proposal of a novel algorithm that is based on the IDF information.

Members: Okanović, Šekularac