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Procedural generation of the buildings

On the November 12th, Nemanja Lučić talked about procedural generation of the settlements using formal grammar and gave the demonstration using the sample app that he wrote as a part of his final graduate project.

Talk covered brief overview of the formal grammar and how it’s used for procedural generation. The rest of the talk was focused more on the exact implementation of the system and various challenges that were discovered during the work on the project and ways to solve them. Finally, demo app was presented (code to be uploaded soon). Presentation slides (in Serbian) can be found on GDrive. Project’s code can be found in this bitbucket repo.

HFPaC talk

On the March 17th, professor Djordje Djurdjevic talked about HFPaC (height-field parallel compression) algorithm.

Talk covered origin of the problem, previous methods to solve problem and presented a new method for compressing height-maps using a Bezier surface approximation for patches. Presentation slides (in Serbian) can be found: here