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HFPaC talk

On the March 17th, professor Djordje Djurdjevic talked about HFPaC (height-field parallel compression) algorithm.

Talk covered origin of the problem, previous methods to solve problem and presented a new method for compressing height-maps using a Bezier surface approximation for patches. Presentation slides (in Serbian) can be found: here

Intro to Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

Neural Network example

On the 24th December , Aleksa Pavlovic presented an intro to neural networks theory and genetic algorithms. He talked about theory and usage of NNs and GAs in the industry, and he explained how he implemented AI in his course assignment that trained itself over time.

Files from the presentation (in serbian) and the full game with implemented GA-trained AI can be found here: link

Domino tiling presentation

Domino Tiling

On the December 17th, professor Djordje Djurdjevic held the first presentation within the LARGO laboratory. The topic was about one part of his PhD thesis – Domino Tiling.

Domino Tiling is a technique for rendering large terrains.

Files from the presentation (in serbian) and some video clips demonstrating the method can be found here: link